It all Started with a Picture

About a week ago, on my Instagram, I put up a screenshot of a post my husband, Abe made on his Instagram account. It was a sweet post about how he was so happy he posted a particular picture on his Facebook page and how it had caught my eye and our love pretty much blossomed from there. A few people have since asked me about our love story and how we met, I thought it might be fun to do a blog post about it to go into a little more detail about our love story, albeit a little unconventional, but still our love story. So if you like unconventional love stories then keep reading because ours is truly just that.

In September of 2013, I was sitting at home on a Friday night with a friend and we were just casually talking and scrolling through our Facebook pages. When BOOM! There he was staring me in the face, perhaps, “THE hottest guy, I had ever seen that may be real!”, Yes those were my exact words to my friend, insert eye roll emoji. She popped up and grabbed my phone and we both gawked and gushed over this guy and how cute he was, this is where it starts to get good. After she handed me back my phone I looked at her and said, “I am going to marry this guy”, she then looked at me like I had lost my mind and laughed and told me I was goofy. See, his photo had been submitted to a Facebook page dedicated to strictly sharing pictures of attractive men all over Facebook, which in turn another friend shared his picture. Most of the guys were famous and well-known fitness trainers and what not but not this one, neither one of us had ever seen this Gamecock hat wearing fella before. His picture also had over 20 thousand shares and at least a thousand comments. So, she was rightful in thinking I was a little goofy for thinking I could possibly track this fella down. Little did she know I was already scrolling through the comments and low and be hold someone had tagged this mystery man. Abe Ignatius, hmm, could it be? I did what any silly twenty year old would do, I sent him a friend request of course.

Oh boy, I definitely felt a bit like a weirdo after I clicked send on that friend request. What would I say? What if he asked how I found his profile, after all I was from Florida and he was from goodness knows where. Maybe South Carolina, he was wearing a Gamecock act after all. Is Ignatius his last name? That’s a strange last name… Oh my gosh about a million things went through my mind after I sent him that friend request. As I thought about it, I had started to chicken out and before I could delete my request… He accepted it! Oh my gosh! Then ding, a little notification went off, a new message from Abe Ignatius. Alarm bells started to go off VERY loudly in my head, really what am I going to say now?! He proceeded to ask me if I had found his profile from “that” picture that was getting shared all over the place. I told him yes, and we talked about how he wanted the picture taken down and I was the only friend request he felt compelled to accept from the ones he had received up to that point. He knew how to make a girl feel special that’s for sure! It was a nice little conversation and I honestly thought that’d probably be the end of it, boy I couldn’t have been anymore wrong.

So a few weeks went by and we started to text a little, then a little turned into everyday. He also wrote me the sweetest letters, yes letters, hand written and everything. He started to call me too and we would have hour-long conversations and in the conversations after about a month and a half he asked me to come and meet him. In person! WHAT? A guy who lives in Ohio, roughly 800 miles away from me, wants me to come meet him. Oh man, oh man, what if he wasn’t that sweet in person? Or worse what if he tried to bury me in the backyard or try to keep me in the cellar? It puts the lotion on the skin! But seriously should I do this? As much as I tried to truly be alarmed at the thought the more I prayed about it the more peace I felt about going. On december 6, 2013, I did the scariest and most thrilling thing I had done up to that point in my life. I got on a jet plane and I flew to Ohio to meet my future.

Once I arrived, Abe was waiting flowers in hand, red in the face and sweating, mind you it was 30 degrees outside and snowing, he may have been even more nervous than I was. We hugged and then silently walked to the car, I don’t think either of us really knew what to say. Once we got into the truck, Abe turned on some music and I did what any normal girl would do to try to break up the awkward silence, I started to sing along very loudly and very off-key. Looking back it’s so me but could I have been any more goofy ? Abe looked over at me and just smiled. From then on out everything felt so natural. We had the best weekend together and I truly didn’t want to leave and couldn’t wait to see him again. Shortly after I went to Ohio Abe came to see me and meet my family, he also asked my dad for permission to marry me. It was of course met with an absolutely and on February 18, 2014, Abe officially asked and we were on our way to forever.

Shortly after our engagement I moved to Ohio and lived with Abe and his parents in their spare room, I had truly never felt more at ease and at home so quickly, it was like it was where I was meant to be. Shortly after we purchased our first house together and on September 26, 2014, we said our vows and made a promise to one another in front of God and our families to be as one for the rest of our earthly lives. Here we are almost four years later. I will tell you, it hasn’t always been easy or a fairytale but every single day is one hundred percent worth it. Four years later, we have bought two homes together, laid two dogs to rest, had a baby and just really enjoyed life together. All the hiccups and all the disagreements could never overshadow all the triumphs and accomplishments we have experienced together. I have watched my husband grow in so any ways and I cannot wait to see him grow even more over the next forty years! Cheers to unconventional love stories and never being afraid to take chances and step out of our comfort zones because after all, nothing ever grows in them.


Love bears all things, 

believes all things,

hopes all things, 

endures all things. 

1 Corinthians 13:7