Hey Y’all!

       So who am I, and why in the world would you want to read what I write or for heaven sakes why would you want to read about my not so perfect, sometimes down right boring life? I guess if you are anything like me, you are so tired of seeing the posts on your news feed, email, websites and so on of all the perfect, toned and amazingly crafty moms, women and wives out there… I am none of those things, in fact I am most likely the opposite of all of the aforementioned adjectives. I am a quirky, thrift store junky, Lilly Pulitzer loving, laugh at my own jokes, napping fool. I am married to a wonderful hardworking, God-fearing, sometimes boring but always the man of my dreams guy. We have the most vivacious, spunky, talkative, wild and amazing little girl out there (I could be biased), but seriously, she’s awesome. We also have the world’s best German Shepard, even if she does sleep on the sofa when we aren’t home… 

         Now that you know a little about me, let’s get down to why we are  here. My husband actually gave me the idea to start a blog about 6 months ago, the queen of procrastination here! I went back and forth with the idea, because seriously who would ever want to read about my life? Then I thought, it may be a good way for me to chronicle my journey to becoming a better daughter of Christ, wife and mom. I promise I am no, “blogger mom”, who has it all together. My Pinterest crafts tend to turn out more like fails and my patience runs thin a lot of the time, but darn it I am trying! Life is rough, it’s not easy, it isn’t always picture perfect and marriage and motherhood are an entirely new beast I am trying to conquer or at least learn how to tame anyway. I am here to tell it like it is and how I see it in my head, all the Kodak worthy moments as well as the not so pretty, downright messy moments we all struggle through. Life would be oh so boring if my two-year old didn’t mistake my brand new book of stamps for a wonderful new book of stickers or if my dog didn’t projectile vomit all over my living room while I was out grocery shopping. Life really is a beautiful mixture of the bumps, the bruises, the triumphs and the celebratory moments. So if you like the idea of reading about REAL life then come along on this journey with me. I will write about everything that life as a follower of Christ, mom, wife and fashion and food obsessed, garden loving southern girl living in rural Ohio entails and try to tackle life’s many challenges with humor and joy!


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